Hostels are one aspect of college life which gives every student the creeps. As soon as anyone tells us that in to pursue our higher education we will have to go and study at a college and thereafter stay in its hostel, we all get cold feet and start thinking about dripping pipes, broken beds, dirty bed sheets and no sense of cleanliness. However, this is just a fragment of your imagination and a stereotype which may have been formed due to watching some serials or movies.

resources-singleroomIndian colleges these days are known to offer you with the most luxurious accommodations which can give even the best hotels a run for their money. Be it the spacious rooms or the picturesque views from the hostel, you can find it all at your educational institution and such things are sure to make learning even more fun.

Hostel facility is optional for the students. Each student is provided a room with a bed, a locker, a table and a chair. Student must follow hostel rules. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. If any such case comes to the notice of the concerned authority, the concerned authority, the concerned authority has full power to suspend the miscreant from the college and initiate legal action against him/her. Students are advised not to keep heavy cash, gold jeweler and costly electronic items in their rooms.